‘Shows You’ Exhibition with Haw-Lin Services


Haw-lin Services
‘Shows You’
22 July 2016

The Berlin based duo with their first solo exhibition in Germany at HVW8 Gallery, Berlin in collaboration with Adidas.

For the exhibition, ‘Shows You’ Haw-lin Services will showcase a selection of spacial and graphic imagery that reflect their eclectic and detail based process.


Jacob Klein b. 1980, in Warendorf, Germany.

Nathan Cowen
b. 1983, Santa Cruz, California, USA.

Haw-lin Services and Haw-lin are run by Jacob Klein and Nathan Cowen.

The work of Haw-lin Services examines visual culture through the mediums of creative direction, photography and graphic design. Their process is grounded in research, concept development, and iterative collaboration. Haw-lin serves as an online mood board and presentation of their inspiration, interests, art, photography, nature, sex, shoes, and Michael Jordan.


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IMG 9389
150cm x 200 cm
UV direct print on PVC (with 2 rivets)
Edition of 3

‘Duet’ with Jean Jullien and Jean André – July 7th


Jean André and Jean Jullien ‘Duet’

Thursday, July 7th, 6pm-10pm

HVW8 Gallery
661 N Spaulding Ave
Los Angeles, CA

DUET- Jean Jullien & Jean André @ HVW8 Gallery

HVW8 Gallery, Almost Skateboards and Cliché Skateboards present DUET, a celebration of art and skateboarding featuring the work of internationally renowned French artists Jean Jullien and Jean André. The opening reception for the exhibition is on Thursday July 7th.
In addition to new original works from each artist, the show will feature a special showing of limited edition skate decks along with other limited items. Only 50 of each limited edition deck will be made.

Jean Jullien is a French graphic artist whose tongue-in-cheek works often have the ability to capture the imagination while making a poignant observation about the subject matter in question. His comical style often captures reflections on everyday life or current events and pokes fun at the mundane, but at the same time is provocative enough to elicit a profound reaction in the viewer.

Jean André is a French artist that often uses the female form and erotic imagery as the focus of his work. His “gentleman art” can often be cited as both pulp and satire that draws on influences from Matisse and Gainsbourg to Drake and 80’s eroticism.

HVW8 Gallery was founded in 2006 with the goal of supporting contemporary art and avant-garde graphic design, and has featured past solo exhibitions with both Jean André and Jean Jullien.


for artwork inquiries email info@hvw8.com




Computer Jay and MAUD interactive sound Installation June 24th

 Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.22.29 PM
Friday June 24th, 7 – 11p
Live from HVW8 Gallery :

Computer Jay featuring MAUD

DJ Set by Free the Robots

MAUD is an interactive sound installation inspired by the Moog Synthesizer, and aimed at allowing people to experience the instrument in a tactile, and immersive way. It was created as an homage to pioneering artists who have leveraged technology to push the limits of popular music.

Using conductive paint, reactive LEDs, ultrasonic and IR sensors, MAUD is programmable to playback and control the parameters of custom sounds and samples to create a unique experience.

rsvp separately: maud@inciteco.com

website for MAUD: maudsynth.com

HVW8 Gallery— Tyler Gibney on Art & Politics



Listen to the Interview — Tyler Gibney of HVW8

To not stand for something means you’ll fall for anything. HVW8 Gallery co-founder Tyler Gibney has never been content on the sidelines. Despite the inability to vote as a Canadian citizen, Gibney put his artistic stake in the ground for the 2016 Presidential Election. The global influence of the United States is an important part of the world’s fabric. To be apathetic and not challenge the world around us is a great disservice according to Gibney. The HVW8 story is not focused so much on the candidate they support. It’s about the very decision to pick a side and to tell a story through art in the divisive world of politics.

By Eugene Kan
Photos by Alex Maeland

Full Interview HERE



Bernie Sanders NYC Exhibition


Bernie Sanders at the opening night.


Artwork by Dan Buller and RoStarr


Deee Lite’s Lady Miss Kier


Aaron Draplin, Luis Calderin, Cody Hudson


Dan Buller


The Hole NYC



Romon Yang ‘RoStarr’, Prince Language


Bernie Muppet, Bernie and Jane Sanders, Dave Driscoll.


Stretch Armstrong, Pete Rock


Tyler Gibney, Luis Calderin


Patrick Martinez

Photos from the Art Of A Political Revolution NYC now online.


Interview on CTV News


Karl Hab presents 24H LOS ANGELES



Opening and Book Signing: April 20 2016, 7-10 pm
Exhibition Runs: April 21 – May 8th, 2016
Location: HVW8 Gallery, Los Angeles

24 hours Los Angeles is not a book and exhibition about the city of L.A. It’s a unique vision of one city shown through the eyes of young photographer Karl Hab. After many trips to L.A., Karl wanted to share his love and admiration for this town and what it means to him. During those various experienc- es in the City of Angels, he tried to capture a certain essence of this city from a different point of view, especially using aerial shots.

There is a special feeling when you come to L.A. and it starts when you exit the airport. It’s something so special that it’s hard to explain with words, especially when it comes to the beauty and the buzz of this city – which is why Karl used his lens to express himself.

The photos are organized by chronological order – starting with the beginning of the day and its cold tones to its end with the warm ones – showing the city through many angles and many shades.

The book and exhibition is about a single vision, a unique feeling of a city which changes every day. This is why Karl’s photos re ect the sensitivity of the light, the colorimetry of the landscapes and a topic he holds dear: colors, planes, cars, and many more.

After reading and viewing 24 hours Los Angeles, you may see something different in a city you thought you knew so well before.

The introduction of the book is written by the New York based artist Daniel Arsham.

There are no page numbers, but hours corresponding to these times: morning, noon, afternoon and evening. You’ll also find GPS coordinates that represent the captions.

HVW8 Gallery Los Angeles
661 N. Spaulding Ave, 90036

Information and sales:
Tyler Gibney / Victor Saldaña
tyg@hvw8.com / victor@hvw8.com

Supported by:
adidas originals

Links :

https://amuse-i-d.vice.com/24h-los-angeles-the-new-art-book-by-karl-hab/ http://en.colette.fr/content/karl-hab/




Jerry Hsu at HVW8 Berlin, April 29, 2016, 6–9 pm

a love berlin-02_1

‘A Love Like Mine Is Hard To Find’ by Jerry Hsu

The LA-based photographer with his first ever solo exhibition in Germany at HVW8 Gallery, Berlin in collaboration with Slow Culture LA.

Opening: April 29, 2016, 6–9 pm
Exhibition Runs: April 30 – June 4, 2016
Location: HVW8 Gallery, Linienstr. 161, Berlin
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1056644751082633

supported by adidas originals

Cody Hudson at HVW8 Berlin extended to March 26th


Cody Hudson ‘When I Finally Get Myself Together’ Now extended to March 26th at HVW8 Berlin.

Email info(at)hvw8.com for inquiries.

Chicago based artist Cody Hudson presents a new body of work in his first ever solo exhibition in Germany at HVW8 Gallery, Berlin.

After years of working on sculptures using a similar set of geometric shapes, this new body of paintings on linen takes those same simple bold shapes into painted forms.  For the first time, this language is brought concurrently into all parts of his practice. Starting with simple geometric shapes and slowly evolving into slightly more representational paintings to abstracted still lifes, the repetition of color and shapes starts to develop an internal dialogue. Titles of paintings such as “All One Or None,” “I Don’t Want To Die Alone” or “Post Post Still Life With Pots, Bong And Shell” loosely reference spirituality and/or false spirituality, 90’s rave music sub-genre ragga jungle, and overwhelming feelings of anxiety.

The show also includes a series of one color paintings from the “Shapes and Colors Dept.” painting series, which focuses on very simple one color combinations of shapes painted in an almost meditative state. At times these paintings take on a repetitive pattern feel while at others becoming almost floral.

A series of new steel sculptures will also be shown as well as four new screen prints produced by the art publisher Draw A Line based in Berlin.

Cody Hudson is a Chicago based artist, also known for his graphic design contributions under the name Struggle Inc. His graphic work and paintings have been exhibited throughout the US, Europe and Japan including the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), V1 (Copenhagen), Hellerau Art Center (Dresden) and Andrew Rafacz (Chicago).

Location: HVW8 Gallery, Linienstr. 161, Berlin

Exhibition Runs: February 12 – March 12, 2016 *Now Extended to March 26th








The Art of a Political Revolution – Austin Feb. 12th, 2016


Bernie Sanders 2016
“The Art of a Political Revolution”
featuring both artists and musicians
to inspire change throughout the nation.

Featuring a Compilation of Acclaimed Artistic Works
Inspired by the Political Landscape

Opening Reception in Austin, TX
Friday, February 12th from 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Group Show Runs from
Saturday, February 13 – Sunday, February 14
Daily from 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Future exhibitions and locations include:
Boston, MA and New York, NY

Bernie Sanders 2016 with HVW8 Art + Design Gallery and Creative Cabal have united to launch a national group art exhibition which will open and kick off in Hyde Park focused around critical issues affecting our country. An opening reception at 4115 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX 78751 will launch “The Art of a Political Revolution” in conjunction with the official Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign on Friday, February 12 with an opening reception from 7:00pm – 11:00pm.

Participating artists include: Aaron Draplin, Amanda Marsalis, Atiba Jefferson, Brian Lotti, Bryan Blue, Byron O’Neill, Charlie Becker, CLAW MONEY, Cody Hudson, Dan Buller, Dave Kloc, Donny Miller, Dug Nap, Dylan Fant, Ellen Voorheis, Erin Garcia, Greg Auerbach, Hayley Starr, Heidi Hartwig, Jackson Tupper, Jamal Gunn Becker, Jeremyville, Jermaine Rogers, Josh Maupin, Kozyndan, Michael Vincent Laviolette, Mtendere Mandowa ‘Teebs’, Nathan Bell, Patrick Martinez, Richard J. Oliver, Ron English, Saelee Oh, Obey Giant, Steven Arroyo, Sven Barth, Tyler Benjamin Gibney, Zoetica Ebb.

Music by following artists: Ernest Gonzales, DJ Dangit, Black Spade, DJ Jester the Filipino Fist, DJ Manny, soundfounder, DJ No Kid$, DJ Chicken George, Matt Sonzala.

Kicking off in Los Angeles earlier this year, “The Art of a Political Revolution” is a touring exhibition featuring both artists and musicians seeking to inspire change throughout the nation. Future exhibitions and locations include: Boston on February 19 – 21 and New York City, NY, February 24 – 28 2016.

Senator Sanders has started what he calls a “political revolution,” driving one of the most successful grassroots political campaigns of our time. As Sanders continues to force the debate on critical issues affecting all Americans, artists are sure to play a crucial role in getting people to engage, learn and become inspired. Income inequality, climate change, racial justice, immigration, and affordable education, are just some of the hot button issues that serve as the inspiration for these works from both international and locally acclaimed artists included in the show. Limited prints of artwork will be sold at the exhibition, the proceeds of which will be donated to Bernie Sanders 2016. Artist Jermaine Rogers will be present to sign limited edition prints from 8-9 pm.

The Art of a Political Revolution – Artists for Bernie Sanders
Friday, February 12 from 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Open Daily – Free Admission
Saturday, February 13th – Sunday, February 14 2016
12:00pm – 6:00pm

4115 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX 78751

For Media Inquiries Contact:
Jennifer Gross / Julia Axelrod
Evolutionary Media Group
323.658.8700 (o) / 323.646.8412 (c)
Jennifer@emgpr.com / Julia@emgpr.com

Brock Fetch and A$AP Ferg



presented by adidas skateboarding

Dec 12th, 6 – 10pm
at HVW8 Los Angeles

The exhibit features insightful photos by esteemed photographer Brock Fetch and highlights the close friendship and camaraderie of the A$AP Mob. In particular, the exhibit will pay tribute to A$AP Yams – who was the founder of the iconic group – with a large-scale painting by A$AP Ferg dedicated to the late artist.






More photo’s from Opening Night 

Art + Design Gallery Los Angeles